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Indonesia is a country of many thousands of islands with an extraordinary cultural diversity. We celebrate the many aspects of its culture and we believe that art knows neither boundaries nor frontiers.
Visiting Museum Pasifika will especially appeal to visitors interested to find out how artists coming to Bali from from different countries captured the beauty of its people, its elaborate rituals and its gorgeous landscapes.

Heightened Hygiene & Sanitation Measures at Museum Pasifika

Cleanliness has always been a must instead of an option in the hospitality industry. And now, with the development of COVID-19, Museum Pasifika offers the highest standard possible.

Museum Pasifika offers the largest collection of Asia Pacific Artworks in Indonesia. Featuring over 600 artworks of 200 artist from 25 countries. With 11 diversifies exhibitions room which guest are limited for 4 persons in each room. Museum Pasifika a safe place for travelers who wants to holiday without worry about crowd and self-distance issue.


Find out about our vision, mission and our ten years old history.


With over 600 artworks permanently exhibited, Museum Pasifika offers an unique blend of Asia-Pacific Premier Art with Western and Asian fine arts.


Find out about the exciting things that you can do at Museum Pasifika, such as educational programs and art classes.

“Museums hold the cultural wealth of the nation in trust for all generations and by its function and unique position, have become the cultural conscience of the nations.”
Emmanuel N. Arinze
President of the Commonwealth Association of Museums


Before visiting the Museum, check out our hands-on guide on exhibitions,
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