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We offers special rate for group, for inquiry and availability please reach us at :



We are open everyday from 10 AM to 06 PM


Guided tours are available upon request for group of visitors, at a special rate, for presentation in various languages such as Indonesia, English, Japanese, French, German among others. Please contact  +62361774935  for conditions and advance booking.


Large bags /backpack /sticks /umbrella are not allowed inside, but can be stored, free of charge at the check room. luggage and laptops/iPad are not accepted. The Museum reserves the right to refuse other items and is not responsible for items held by the checkroom.


Special Entrance way has been built. All galleries and facilities are wheelchair accessible. Wheelchairs are available in the checkroom free of charge. Motorized wheelchairs are permitted.


Spacious parking area, cafe and complimentary WiFi access.


For the protection of the works of art and our visitors, the following policies currently apply when you visit the Museum Pasifika.

  • Please check all bags, backpacks, and briefcases 13 x 17 x 6 inches or larger, umbrellas, and other bulky items. All items are subject to inspection and the museum reserves the right to decide what should be checked. Nothing is permitted to be carried on one’s back.

  • The Museum Pasifika prohibits any person carrying a concealed handgun or other deadly weapon onto these premises. No person shall knowingly possess, have under their control, convey, or attempt to convey a deadly weapon or dangerous ordnance on these premises.

  • For safety and health reasons, visitors should wear appropriate attire, including shoes and shirts.

  • Wheelchairs are welcome. Strollers are welcome unless otherwise noted in certain special exhibitions. Wagons are not permitted.

  • Please do not touch the artwork, frames, bases, or protective coverings.

  • Maintain a safe distance from all paintings, sculptures, and decorative arts. Two feet is recommended. Refrain from gesturing near the artwork.

  • Refrain from running, yelling, or disruptive behavior.

  • Courtesy to others should be exercised when using cell phones in gallery spaces.

  • Use of pencils is permitted in the galleries. Pens, markers, paint, charcoal, or pastels are not permitted. Visitors wishing to sketch or copy works of art should first request permission at the Information Desk.

  • Still photography for personal use is permitted in collection galleries only. No flash or tripods allowed. Videotaping is permitted in the lobby only. No photographs or videotapes may be reproduced, distributed, or sold without permission from the Museum.