& Certification

Museum Pasifika is in full compliance with Indonesia National Regulation, and has been ranked as category A museum in 2017 It has been as well fully certified with regional authority for Mitigation (P3, Firefighting, natural disaster prevention, security etc….). This allows Museum Pasifika to participate in International gatherings such as IMF-WB meeting, One World Ocean Conference, Bali Democracy Forum. It has been judged to agree with the Tri Hita Karana Balinese philosophy.


Besides its Artistic recognition, Museum Pasifika is fully committed to follow and implement the objectives of the four pillars of the sustainable tourism practice, published by the Ministry of Tourism (decree no. 14/2016) and won the award ‘Indonesian Sustainable Tourism Award ”  ISTA 2018 , and certified Silver ( 2013) and Gold (2018) for the BALI Eco-philosophical concept TRI HITA KARANA  

Tri Hita Karana Symbol

    Planning is part of the owner’s, executives and staff’s regulars duties; Midterm 5 years and yearly strategy and objectives are set. Management: the modest size of the Museum staff, has to lead the executives to conduct regular meetings with all staff to exchange information and experiences; most of our staff may perform two functions to optimize the team performance. Monitoring: both the site manager and the directors conduct daily/weekly site visits and monthly general surveys; external audits are held in the art conservation, public accounting, insurance compliance survey, security and safety tools meeting. Evaluation is based on internal (management) and external (visitors/auditors) reports and comments to allow the management to act accordingly.


    This is as well a strong point of our museum it has been made for the promotion of Indonesia cultural image as well as to benefit to its citizen; preferably the children and student throughout the visit and education program. All our permanent employees are Balinese.Construction has been made in compliance with the local standard design by a Balinese architect, local contractors for performance. Services are used preferably free access to the local employees of the complex of ITDC, support to the local artistic community has been primarily done by investment in artworks and promotion of local artists; support of International events with locals artist has been permanent as here again to promote the Balinese and Indonesian Art scene; several local traders have been invited to sell their products during international events. The cafe is helping and selling Balinese products such as coffee, sweets, chocolates, cashew nuts, etc.


    Certainly the core of our activities: Museum Pasifika has excelled in the presentation of both the local and national culture and its promotion; the place is safe, clean, secure of access, including for handicap people. Visitors are welcome at the entrance, accompanied by a guide if requested, given a map of the facilities, resting area is available all the large rooms. In the garden and the cafe; they are thanked upon their visits and handed a card to keep in contact and give comments; if they wish to provide their email address, a thanks email will be sent. The Museum has received a fantastic score of 90 % of excellent and perfect rating, and is now the no. 1 destination on 17 for Nusa Dua, and 30 the best Bali tourist destination out of 600. On the protection of cultural heritage, Museum Pasifika has achieved commendable success by saving several iconic paintings from destruction as well as bringing back exceptional artwork back to Indonesia it had conducted seminars on conservation and protection of artwork at his own cost inviting other Museums of the Province to attend. As stated earlier it has published 20 or more books and catalogs, organized and participated in many exhibitions, support local artists by buying artworks and antiques to avoid being purchased by foreign private collections.


    The construction of the Museum done in full compliance with BTDC /ITDC, rules and regulations as per 2005 standard; However, the new master plan of development de Nusa Dua for a green destination is being implemented and will benefit our Museum; At the Museum level, the management has regulation on energy saving ( exhibition room being light on while visitors are inside only), use of fan to ventilate the room and avoided the Air Condition system right at the conception ; use of air extractors only at night ; garbage disposal with selective type of trash, and as per ITDC garbage collection ; use of the water fountain during event just, only light ambiance music to allow guest to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the Museum and garden.