The 9,000 sqm2 Museum Pasifika opened in 2006 on a 12,500 sqm2 stretch of land in the Nusa Dua Complex. The Museum was designed by the famous Balinese Architect Popo Danes. It houses 11 exhibitions rooms and a large entrance pavilion with a Cafe area facing a beautifully landscaped garden. On the first floor, one can find a VIP lounge, offices and a storeroom. Museum Pasifika, was the first of its kind to present artworks from the Pacific area and South-East Asia under one roof, showcasing artists from the Indonesian archipelago, especially from the island of Bali which is located near the dividing of the two great Eco zones. Museum Pasifika is the perfect location for all kind of events, functions, and private or social parties. In the large garden featuring an open-air stage, events and programs can take place at night. Each day, visitors spend an enjoyable moment, strolling in the museum, viewing the artworks, checking the books in the library, and enjoying local refreshments and delicacies at our Cafe.

Although relatively new in comparison to most museums in Bali, Museum Pasifika has acquired an extensive collection of artworks from all over the Asia Pacific region.

It mission, to preserve and divulgate the diverse and multifaceted traditions of its people, as well as to put these side-by-side with significant oeuvres from the 20th century which communicate not only the perceptions of foreign artists travelling to this area of the world, but also the cultural “melting pot” originating from such exchanges.

The pursuit of this vision proved itself to be challenging at times, yet resilient. What was originally conceived in 2004 as an “Asia Pacific Art Centre”  was opened in August 2006 as Museum Pasifika. Through the passion which was invested by its founders, we find today a world-class institution in the heart of Nusa Dua with an ever-growing collection of formidable standards for everyone to enjoy.

Although such a collection is permanent, since Museum Pasifika’s opening we have hosted a number of temporary events, perpetuating and promoting the rich array of cultural activities within Bali as well as internationally.

Due to this lively and fruitful interaction with the local and foreign community, throughout the last three years Museum Pasifika has received a multitude of visitors from hotels, schools, the tourism industry, diplomats and official representatives as well as, of course, travelers and art lovers from all over the world.

“We welcome Museum Pasifika’s initiative to promote art and culture of Indonesia, and to give visitors and residents the opportunity to discover the cultural richness of our country. The tourism in Bali is forecasted to exceed 2.5 million visitors of 2010 and we hope that many other initiatives like this one will come to increase our reputation of cultural centre of the archipelago”

– Ida Bagus Ngurah Wijaya, Chairman of the Bali Tourism Board


Museum Pasifika has completed its mission to become an International Art Center; 7 head of states and approximately 300 Ministers and Ambassadors have visited Museum Pasifika; 50 international & national events have been organized.

PUBLISHING – 20 books and catalogs including two major art books.

EDUCATION – More than 40,000 school children and students have visited Museum Pasifika, mostly free of charge or at a very reduced ticket price; regular drawing competitions are organized; talented young artists are exhibited for one month on the ‘Pasifika Kids wall’.

TOURISM – Museum Pasifika regularly ranked among the five best tourist attractions from the existing 55 in the Nusa Dua area and the 50 best out of 600 in Bali; Museum Pasifika has won the Apresiasi Parawisata 2011, the ABAC & APEC awards 2013, WCF Awards 2013, Lempad Prize 2016, Certificates from the Indonesian Ministry of Culture in 2014 and 2017, Award from the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism 2014 and Sustainable Museum Award in 2018 – 2019 (IMA), Indonesian Museum Award 2022 – Creative Museum of The Year. Museum Pasifika is a recognized ‘Must-See’ attraction in Bali Best of the Best by Tripadvisor 2022 and ten years consecutive Travelers Choice Awards.


Museum Pasifika has become an international tourist attraction as well as a reputable Art Center. It was recognized as one of the best museums in Indonesia (ranked 1 to 4 out of 10 among the 540 other museums). It has been a trend-setter in promoting talented artists. It has served as a must see/must show to official guests and VIP participants. Forty thousand children/student were invited to visit the museum. Its leading role encourages new museums to be established and others to be renovated /upgraded. Our initial mission is fulfilled and ongoing. We are now striving to sustain it in the long term. After receiving more than 14 official awards and recognition, we are now hoping for a permanent level of recognition. In 2018 Museum Pasifika was designated ‘Museum Lestari’ by IMA, we are aiming to reach a similar milestone with the Ministry of Tourism. Museum Pasifika is one individual dream which became a reality. Let’s proudly be part of ‘Wonderful Indonesia’ and share its reality with the world.